Eugene Bashkov

Head of department AMI, vice-rector of Donetsk National Technical University
He graduated from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (Donetsk, Ukraine) in 1969 and received an engineering degree in the specialty "Automation and Remote Control". In the 1973-1975 academic year was a postgraduate student at the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute on specialty "Computer Science". Scientific Council of the Institute of Cybernetics of Ukraine awarded a PhD degree in Technical Science in Computer Engineering in 1974. Degree of Doctor of Science was awarded in 1995 the results of protection at the Institute of Simulation in Energy Sciences of Ukraine. He has many years of research and design of hardware and software for various specialized computer systems. Working at the University Courses «Computer Information Technologies", "Synthesis and image processing," "Specialized computers". He has over 55 scientific papers, 36 copyright certificates and 1 book.